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Web Application Firewall, BOT access control, backdoor protection

Application aware CDN to boost website performance

Protection from all application, infrastructure & DNS DDoS attacks

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Make Your Websites Faster, Secure & More Scalable With Our Powerful Cloud Service

DDoS Protection

Website Security

Load Balancing

Website Acceleration 

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Leverage a suite of complementary anti-DDoS solutions that together offer blanket protection from all DDoS threats.

Improving website security and performance has never been easier

The Benefits of Incapsula

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

Incapsula protects your website against all types of DDoS threats, including network-based attacks.

Incapsula's CDN offers high capacity to thwart multi-gigabit DDoS attacks.

High-Capacity Network


Automatic Detection And Activation

Transparent DDoS Mitigation




Incapsula protects your site not only from complete denial of service, but also from disruptions related to DDoS attacks, mitigation false-positives, etc.

Automatic detection and activation enables Incapsula's DDoS protection to take full responsibility for both detection and mitigation of all attacks.

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

Transparent DDoS Mitigation

High-Capacity Network

Automatic Detection and Activation

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Security threat notifications Network level DDoS protection SQL Injection
Reputation based security Application level DDoS protection Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Comment slam elimination Automatic triggering Illegal Resources Access
CAPTCHA security check DNS DDoS Protection Remote File inclusions
Security event investigation Infrastructure Protection Advanced exception handling
Gauranteed search engine access Global CDN & Static content caching Number of free users
Blacklisting (Clients, Countries, IPs) Dynamic compression and image optimization Price per Additional User
  Content Minification and Asyn validation Max number of users
Custom Certificate Dynamic content caching  and compression Website traffic stats
  Purge cache and Pre pooling Real time notifications & statistics
BACKDOOR PROTECTION Force additional static resources Weekly Report



Accelerate Web Applications

Websites using Incapsula reap the benefits of a global CDN - typically performing 50% faster while consuming 40%-70% less bandwidth.

Maximize Web Resources

Incapsula enables you to replace your costly physical load balancing and failover appliances with intelligent, always on, cloud-based application delivery solutions perfect for any environment.

Complete DDoS Protection

Incapsula protects your website and web applications against any type of DDoS threat, including application, protocol, and network-based attacks.

Website Security

Automatic activation enables Incapsula's website security module to take full resposibility for identifying and blocking bad bots, web application attacks, and DDoS attacks.

What our Users are Saying

"We can't afford to wait until our admin detects an attack and turns on the protection, Incapsula gave us everything we needed, at a very affordable price, for protecting a web application of our scale."

Sven Henderson

Tech. Assoc. and Chief of Ops at Trello

"To address both network and application level DDoS threats, we have boosted our collaboration with Incapsula to make sure we are prepared for the most persistent and sophisticated attack scenario."

Jonathan Assia

CEO at eToro

Don't Let a DDoS Attack Ruin Your Day


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Let Us Show You How We Can Protect Your Site From DDoS Attacks

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